Many people have found Clarence to be one of the most wonderful places to live in when in New York. And that is because of the safe and family-friendly communities it offers. It may not be a place that’s as big as other cities around the state and in the country but it has opened equally promising opportunities and comfortable lifestyle to its residents. People who have been in Clarence for a long time also like the fact that their kids have grown up knowing each other and almost everyone in the neighborhood, which makes it really an ideal place to reside in.

If you are also looking for a place to live in and giving Clarence a thought, here’s a few good reasons why you have the best location when staying here.


1. You have the best access to a variety of top-ranked schools

If you have children or planning to have children in the near future, Clarence will be one of the best places that you can choose. There are excellent schools around and they are not your ordinary schools – they are the ones that can open promising opportunities for your children. They will not only excel academically, but they will grow to be well rounded kids.


2. It has an abundant nearby parks

When you live in Clarence, you have the luxury of living in a peaceful and quiet community. However, it does not mean that your stay here will have to be boring. It’s because Clarence offers a lot of nearby parks that you can visit just whenever you are looking for recreation. In fact, there are plenty of recreational activities and events held in the parks to provide entertainment to the residents. If you have kids, they will surely love the place because they won’t have to go too far to enjoy the outdoors. It will only have to take a few minutes and they can get access to the closest parks where they can run and play around.


3. Dozens of great restaurants are within your reach

While the residential areas in Clarence are peaceful, you can still have access to a lot of great restaurants in just a matter of minutes. Anything that you are craving for, Clarence has it all for you. You don’t have to go far just to enjoy delicious meals because your location in this town is just perfect to be at any food chains or restaurants. During the busy days when you don’t have much time for the kitchen or don’t feel like cooking, all you got to do is to bring the whole family out and you will find a perfect place for dine shortly.


4. You have a close proximity to the main streets

One of the most important things you would appreciate in living in Clarence is the fact that residential locations are near to the main streets. It means that there will be less hassle and more convenient when you go to work or when you send your kids to school. You don’t have to have a long travel time because public transportations are very accessible. Even when you have to go shopping to the malls or when you need to do grocery shopping, every place can be reached in just a matter of minutes.


5. You get to enjoy the best neighborhood

There are so many reasons why Clarence can be considered as the best neighborhood to live in. Aside from the peaceful, quiet and orderly community, the crime rate in Clarence is also very low and it means that you should not even be worried about your family’s safety. Safety is one of the top considerations for families who are looking for the best home and it is something that this town can guarantee you. The officers also do a great job in making sure that everybody is safe in the villages and residential areas.

Living in Clarence will feel like you are living with one big family in a small town because everybody seems to be getting along so well. And the location is just really excellent for the couples, families, children and even those who are retiring. It is really a fun place and the best place to live.