Out of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom is bound to be the one that’s most disorganized. And hey — no judgment!

Bathrooms get disorganized in every home simply because they’re used so often.

But we’d like to help you keep your bathroom just a little more organized and clean — something that’s sure to help everyone. Let’s get started!

5 Tips for a More Organized Bathroom

1. Have a place for everything.

This includes clean towels, towels in use, dirty towels, toiletries in use, extra toiletries, extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and anything else! Everything needs a home.

2. Use the back of the door.

Space can be in short supply in the bathroom, so get creative. One way to do this is with back-of-the-door hooks for towels, clothes, and robes.

3. Get rid of old toiletries.

Many people have a habit of “saving” old cans of hairspray, quarter-filled bottles of shampoo, broken hair ties, and other odds and ends. These clutter up the bathroom, so get rid of them!

4. Create a cleaning schedule.

To keep your bathroom spotless, aim to do a “deep clean” at least twice a week (ideally, once a week).

5. Clean as you go.

Finally, every time you use the bathroom for shaving, getting ready in the morning, showering, or anything else, leave it as clean as you found it (or cleaner!).

The Best Tip? Have a Great Bathroom to Start With!

Of course, the absolute best advice we have for organizing your bathroom is to have a stylish and spacious bathroom to begin with. At Waterford Townhomes, that’s easy! The bathrooms in our apartments are new and sophisticatedly decorated to match any décor.

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