In Clarence, NY, there are 6 primary schools and secondary schools. If you are a parent and you are sending your kids to school in this town, it is only imperative that you look for the highest ranking school so that your children can get the best quality education that they deserve. One of the most popular and one of the best schools here is the Ledgeview Elementary School. This institution has 499 students approximately.

For the complete list of school rankings, please refer to the list below:


1. Ledgeview Elementary School

Ledgeview Elementary School has received a ranking of 8 from the evaluation of the elementary schools in the US. As of 2016, the percentage of the New York State Regents Exam passers from Ledgeview is higher than the average for New York, and it holds true for all subjects. The school is also known for its excellence in Science. When it comes to the proficiency between genders, both male and female in Ledgeview are proficient, especially in Math subjects.

When it comes to attendance, Ledgeview also has very low absenteeism rate with just 8 percent. The average absenteeism rate in New York is at 11 percent.

2. Clarence Middle School

Clarence Middle School has an average of more than 1000 students with a ratio of 13 students per 1 teacher. This school caters to students in grades 6 to 8. They are focused not just on a student’s academic needs, but also on their personal and social needs, simply because they want their students to become well-rounded youth. This school is considered as one of the best performing schools. Even their low-income students are at an average or above average in the state for all the kids. And this only goes to show that the school does not discriminate the high-income students and the low-income ones. In fact, the school does not stop in finding ways to help and support the education of students coming from the low-income families.

Reviews from students and parents show that the school offers great education because they have great and diverse teachers. They hold many school activities that are helpful for a child’s holistic growth.

3. Harris Hill Elementary School

Harris Hill Elementary School is focused on teaching and developing students to learn the sense of responsibility, as well as a sense of respect for everyone. The students here are not just trained academically but they are given various opportunities to discover and hone their skills and talents through several school activities, such as Intramurals, Run Club, Conservation Club, Student Connection Team and Safety Patrol. There are just so many activities and events that students can join in. They are not just encouraged to participate in the classroom learning, but they are also encouraging them to participate in the community activities. The school promotes lifelong learning and they aim to make and prepare their students to be responsible adults in the future.

4. Sheridan Hill Elementary School

When it comes to academics, Sheridan Hill Elementary School is considered to be one of the best because the test scores of the students from this school are significantly higher than the average. In fact, the school makes sure that the students make progress when it comes to their average academic scores from the previous year, and that means that they strive to be better each year. They also make an effort to make sure that their students are well prepared for college.

5. Clarence Senior High School

When it comes to academic proficiency, Clarence Senior High School is one of the best in town. In fact, they are known to be very proficient in reading, as well as in Math. The students in this school are highly competitive, but it does not just stop there. They are not just good with academics, but they are also known to be creative and artsy. Their skills and talents when it comes to sports are also being honed, which means that the students from Clarence Senior are not only smart, but are also well rounded. The classes that teachers conduct are engaging and interesting, and they have the ability to control classroom situations.