Clarence is known for being a nice place to live in, because aside from being a very family friendly suburb, there are a lot of attractions, and great places to dine. And speaking of food, one of the most important things that people look for in a town or city is the food they offer, and Clarence will never disappoint. They take pride in the many great food spots that are surely going to satisfy your taste buds.

If you are planning to visit Clarence soon, or considering living in here, here are some of the best places where you can enjoy having breakfast and brunch.


1. Bill Gray’s Clarence

If you want a place that is not to crowded so you can enjoy your own company or an intimate company of a few close people, then this could be an ideal place. Bill Gray’s Clarence offers a wide and nice selection of food. You can be guaranteed great food, especially when you are craving for burgers. They have got one of the best burgers in town. In fact, one of their bestsellers is the bacon cheeseburgers which really has generous amount of real bacon. The rest of their burgers are loaded with toppings, and you will be leaving the place satisfied and full.

2. Clarence Center Coffee

Clarence Center Coffee is a perfect place for having brunch. The ambiance is very welcoming and friendly, and very conducive for having a nice cup of delicious coffee. Their coffee is poured into an oversized mug and is a perfect match for their tasty sandwiches.

3. Break’n Eggs Creperie

This place is not just a great place for breakfast, but also for some sweets if you have a sweet tooth. If you want a satisfying sweet treat, their bestseller is their Smores Crepe which has baked marshmallow. It is indeed deliciously delighting. Their breakfast meals are also unique and out of the ordinary, but are equally delicious. The place is really worth coming back to.

4. Bob Evans

Bob Evans is another perfect place for breakfast in Clarence, especially when you are craving to munch on some perfectly cooked fries. Aside from the good and satisfying food, the service is also great which makes the experience perfect. It would be an excellent place to start your day, especially when you order their bestseller Sausage and Gravy Biscuits. The service is quick and prompt and ideal for families or couples.

5. Buffalo Joe’s Café

Buffalo Joe’s is a charming kind of diner because it gives you a different kind of experience; it sorts of bring you back in time. The coffee is real good and a perfect match to their perfectly cooked eggs. It will be a perfect way to start your day. They also offer other food selections not just for breakfast, but also for lunch. They do not have extravagant dishes because the recipes are just very simple, but they are just good at making it so perfect. Once you try it there, you find more reasons why people keep on coming back.

6. Original Pancake House

When it comes to breakfast, Original Pancake House will be a great idea because they have everything you could be looking for in a basic breakfast meals. Ofcourse they have a wide selection of pancakes, as well as crepes and omelets. These may be very simple but the variations of their pancakes are all yummy, especially their popular Swedish pancakes. Customers find this a pretty great breakfast spot because aside from the good food, the staff we all polite and friendly. They don’t want to keep their customers waiting and so they help one another to make sure everything’s taken good care of.

7. South Transit Family Restaurant

This is definitely the place to be if you are a huge fan of scrambled eggs for breakfast. In fact, this could be the best scrambled eggs you can ever try in town! The place is relatively small but the ambiance is just cozy and comfortable enough for you to enjoy your mornings. All the staff are pleasant, you will never regret choosing this place for starting your day.