The Halloween is just right around the corner. And for many people, especially for kids, it is one of the most awaited and favorite seasons of the year. If you live or just near Clarence, NY or you are just visiting this fall, there are just plenty of things and activities that you can to enjoy this season. Whether you are with your friends, family or kids, there are exciting and spooky activities that will make this year’s autumn an unforgettable event for you. And because Halloween doesn’t come every day of the year;

Here are some of the things you cannot afford to miss when you are looking for fun, thrills and chills this year!


1. Nightmares Fear Factory

The Nightmares Fear Factory is very popular for being the scariest haunted house attraction. Thousands of people come here to experience the fun and thrill. They usually come in groups as friends and family or in pairs like couples. However, the number of people you are with will never be enough to make you feel safe as you make your way through this terrifying place. Your courage is indeed going to be tested so make sure that you are brave enough to make it until the end.


2. Rolling Hills Asylum

If you are brave enough to go real ghost hunting this Halloween, there is one place perfect for you to go. Visit Rolling Hills Asylum and walk through the halls alone if you think you are brave enough not to be terrified. Found in East Bethany, NY, Rolling Hills Asylum is said to be haunted by real ghosts. Before it became an asylum, it was previously a working farm which later on became a dumping ground for the ones that are considered as castoffs by the society. More than 1700 deaths that happened here were not recorded which is why Rolling Hills was rated to be the spookiest and most haunted asylum in the country.


3. 5 Wits

Now if you are on to search for some adventure this fall, then you may want to visit 5 Wits where you can have live-action entertainment and realistic hands on experiences. If you are fond of escape rooms, 5 Wits is similar to them because you will also be required to solve some puzzles and overcome challenges. The only difference is that the environments are of higher quality and it offers more special effects to make the experience more realistic. It will feel as though you are the star of the movie or the game. There are plenty of adventures that you can choose from so you can have a freehand on choosing which one challenges your wit best.

This place is perfect for adventure seekers and those who really have an interest in gaming because it won’t seem like you are an audience. You will be immersed in the experience; you will have the chance to be the hero of your own game as if you are just getting inside it. This is a lot better if you come in groups because teamwork will be critical.


4. Buffalo Zombie Mud Run

Who is not having fun with zombie apocalypse movies? If this is your kind of film, then you can’t miss the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run so you can get to have the real life experience of how it feels being chased by zombies. You will have to race for your life zombies are just everywhere in the grounds, swarming and searching for your brains. The obstacle course is 5k long so gather your friends, family and anyone you know who is can brave their way through the zombie infested race.

There is also a Zombie Mud Run in the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence where you will also have to get your way through to the 5K course with 13 obstacles. If you are not ready to run, you are not going to survive this! Goodluck!


5. Greg’s U-Pick Farm

If you are with little kids this Halloween and you don’t have plans to have any spooky experience, then you can come at the Greg’s U-Pick Farm where you can enjoy thousands of pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, homemade pies, and a whole lot of baked goodies. There is so many quality produce here that you can find and your whole family is encouraged to visit.