Clarence may just be a small town in New York, but it is considered as one of the best places to live not only in the Buffalo area but also in the state. This town offers a very peaceful community and neighborhood which is perfect for couples, families, as well as those who are in their retiring age. Everything you need is here in Clarence from food, shopping malls, parks, and entertainment.

Fall Fest

And talking about entertainment, September is one of the months that residents in Clarence are looking forward to. That’s because there are just a lot of events that await during this month. One of the favorites is the so-called Fall Fest which is usually held during the last week of September. This year the Fall Fest will be held on September 27.

This event is one of the most anticipated because there will be a lot of good music brought by live bands and artists; there will be delicious and festive foods, and a lot of fun rides and activities like the rock climbing wall, hay rides, petting zoo, pumpkin hut and other exciting games for kids. The Fall Fest is just one of the greatest community events that families in Clarence can attend; it’s just a perfect way to bond and enjoy.


Ellicottville Fall Festival

Aside from the Fall Fest, there is also the Ellicottville Fall Festival which is the oldest and also the largest festival in Clarence. Just like the Fall Fest, it features a wide array of fun activities and entertaining attractions. Apart from the food and music, festival goers can enjoy local shopping and they can try out the ski lift ride found at the local ski resort called Holiday Valley. Ellicottville Fall Festival is usually held during the first week of October, and this year, it will run on October 8 and 9.


Fall Fest at Canalside

Another event on October called Fall Fest at Canalside is also being anticipated. The highlights of this event are the foodtrucks, crafts and an amazing inflatable pub with beer garden which is 27-foot tall! This one is perfect for Clarence residents of all ages, and not just adults because they also have amusement rides to keep the children entertained. They even have a haunted house and showing horror movies for the evening.


Haunted Hayride at Becker Farms

If you want to celebrate fall and Halloween at the same time, the Haunted Hayride at Becker Farms could be what you are looking for. In time for the Halloween, Gasport’s Becker Farm is made to scare visitors starting October 14. Here you can try out their labyrinth, their spooky haunted hayride, camp fire and other activities for night time.


Halloween Murder Mystery Weekend

Now if you are into celebrating fall with a glass of wine, the Halloween Murder Mystery Weekend may just add a twist to your traditional wine night. Basically, it is a Halloween themed activity where guests get to follow a couple of wineries along the wine trail in Niagara. Along the way, they will be asked to do sampling, and also do an interview of the suspects of a murder mystery. And then, at the end of the trail, they will have to submit their guesses on who was really responsible for the murder and the winner gets to win a prize.


Haunted Fortress

But if this does not scare you enough, you can try on the scariest event called the Haunted Fortress fundraiser. This is perfect for those who are looking for a good scare this Halloween season. What’s happening is that you will be given a tour of the grounds in Old Fort Niagara where there are a plethora of ghost stories. There is also a bonfire after the tour where true stories of supernatural sightings in the area are being told.


Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Fest

And because festivals are best celebrated with families, the Great Pumpkin Farm Fall Fest is what you will have to attend if you are celebrating with the entire family. This festival is also one of the most popular in Clarence because of the many attractions and activities it offers which are perfect for both kids and adults. The world’s largest pumpkin patches can also be found here. This festival runs every weekend of October until the end of the month.