Clarence is known to be one of the best places to reside in New York. Why? Because it is a very nice area and also the safest suburb of Buffalo. As for families, kids and adults alike, this is just one of the excellent towns to reside, especially for those who are already in their retirement age.

Here are some of the reasons why Clarence, NY is the ideal place to retire.


1. You can find practically everything you need in Clarence

Clarence may just be a small town, but if you reside or retire there, you can get everything you need. From your medical needs, hospitals, malls, food, entertainment and a lot more. These places are never too far away and are always easily accessible, and is therefore perfect for the retired seniors. Even your neighbors are pleasant, too. If you also want to relax and talk a long walk or do some strolling, there are several beautiful parks nearby. You will never get bored in this town because it does not run out of things to offer you.

Clarence also holds community events occasionally to make sure that the residents are well entertained. This way, you get the chance to get connected with neighbors and meet new friends.


2. Clarence is a family friendly town

This town is just perfect for new families moving in or those who are retiring because it is a very safe place to live. Safety is always one of our main concerns when we consider moving into a new place, but that is not really something you should be worried about when you consider retiring in Clarence. It takes pride in its very low crime rate. Police officers regularly roam around to ensure everybody’s safety. It is a very peaceful and secured community that can give you the peace of mind and comfort of living in a place you can call home.


3. It is perfect for retirement if you want to be away from the city

Clarence may be a town but it offers its residents everything. So if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of living in busy urban cities, Clarence is just the ideal place for you. Here, you can enjoy a safe, peaceful and quiet environment. You can enjoy your stay here without feeling bored or lonely. Wherever you stay in this town, you can be assured that any place you’d like to go to is very accessible. You won’t have to travel too far just to go to the mall or buy groceries. When it comes to shopping and dining, you can find all you are looking for right here in Clarence.


4. It offers plenty of fun and entertaining activities

You will never run out of things to do here in Clarence because even if it is a small town, they always come up with plenty of exciting events for its residents. Aside from the community events, it has a lot of outdoor parks with beautiful and amazing views that you can visit if you want to feel relaxed and you want to do some nature tripping. And mind you, you won’t even have to travel too far to get there.


Aside from this, there are plenty of historical places and museums you can visit if you want to learn more about this town’s cultural heritage. They have the Antique World Market if you have a penchant for collecting valuable antique pieces. This is just one of the many places worth visiting when you retire in Clarence.


5. It offers a wide variety of great food

We all love food. Everybody loves food. When you are moving into a new place, one of the things you will be looking for is their specialty dishes, and Clarence will never disappoint. They offer a wide range of food selections in their restaurants and food chains, from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Besides, these locations are never too far away and can be reached in a matter of a few minutes so if you are craving for some good food, their local restaurants are surely going to satisfy those cravings.