If you have been living in the state of New York, you would agree that it is indeed such a wonderful place to live in. However, if you are already tired of the hustle and bustle of living in the city, there are other excellent locations around New York where you can actually stay together with your family and loved ones. Clarence is indeed one of those places that are perfect for families to reside. There are many excellent reasons why you will enjoy Clarence. And if you have considered this place but have not actually found a particular spot you can call your home, Waterford Townhomes might just be what you are looking for.

Anyone would want to live in their dream home because this is where they will be making new and fond memories with their loved ones and family members. If you have not yet given Waterford Townhomes a thought;

Here are actually the reasons why they are one of the best apartments and townhomes in NY.


1. Ample outdoor space for your kids to enjoy

If you are moving into Waterford Townhomes together with your children, they will surely love the place. Why? That is because there is enough outdoor space where they can run and play. You can even bring your pets here because there is enough room for them, too. One of the most important considerations when choosing a house is the outside space. We all want it to be a little spacious outside not only for the kids but also even for our own visitors.

If you want to have a backyard where you can do barbecue parties whenever there are occasions, you can have it too here at Waterford. You can even do some gardening if you have a penchant for flowers and plants. The great thing about this townhome living is that you can cut back on your seasonal yard work while enjoying the benefits of some outdoor space.


2. Garage space

When looking for a new home, one of the most important things that we are looking for is the garage space. And when you consider living in Waterford Townhomes, you will definitely be getting your garage space where your car can park safely, and at the same time, there will even be some extra storage space for your other stuff.


3. Plenty of space for the family

If you compare townhouse living with condo living, it would be safe to say that you will be more comfortable living in a townhouse than in a condo because there is usually multi-level floor plan. It means that there will be plenty of space for the whole family. You can allot rooms for your children because there are more bedrooms upstairs. You can also comfortably move around because the kitchen, as well as the living room are also more spacious.


4. Close community

One of the best things about choosing Waterford Townhomes is the fact that you are never too far away from your neighbors because you are living side-by-side. And if you are not used to this, you will find out that there are actually more benefits when you are residing in a close-knit community. The neighbors you will find here are the ones who can immediately run to when something goes wrong. And when you are away, it is always better that you have people to keep an eye on your house.


5. Convenient living

The beauty of living in Clarence is that even if it is not as busy as being in the city, you are never too far from the staples of everyday life. Waterford Townhomes is specially designed for convenience because it is located in an urban community where you can enjoy easy access to public transportations, supermarkets, restaurants, malls, parks and a lot more. It does not have to take you a long time before you can buy your groceries or shop for some stuff. Everything feels so near when you are in Clarence so convenience is not something you should be worried about.


6. Excellent living experience

As a family or a couple who is starting to build a family, everything that you could be looking for in a dream house is right here in Waterford Townhomes. The safety in the community, convenience, comfort, and peace – all these things you can enjoy when you decide to live here. It is peaceful here but never boring; it is safe and at the same time fun.