Downsizing is something that many couples or families consider when they suddenly begin to feel that the house has gotten bigger and that they no longer needed much space. This is also being considered when couples are approaching their retiring age. However, moving into a smaller home can also be a daunting task especially when you have a lot of stuff you have collected over the years. It becomes difficult to decide which ones to keep and which ones to toss. But it does not have to be that hard. In fact, there are good and exciting things about downsizing that you can look forward to, especially when you are moving into a new and beautiful place like Waterford Townhomes.

Here are some things you may want to consider to make downsizing a lot easier.


1. Get an early start

It is always better to start early when it comes to fixing your stuff as soon as you have decided to downsize and move into a different house. You don’t want to cram until the last minute or you will end up taking everything with you. Start going through your belongings and identify the things you are taking with you as soon as you have made the decision. This will also give you plenty of time to probably do some garage sale for clothing, furniture, and appliances you are leaving behind so that you can still earn some cash which you can still use for buying new house stuff.

2. Make a plan on where you will be putting most of your stuff in your new home

There are places in the house which are more likely going to be storage places like the attic and the basement. Start arranging your things here before you move into the bedrooms, living room and the kitchen. These are also the same places where you need to start packing your things and segregate the ones you will throw away, donate, give away or sell. Dispose these things as soon as you can so that you can free up more space in the house to make packing a lot easier for you.

3. Get the family members involved

When it comes to packing, you need to get all your family members involved because they will also need to decide which among their things are to be kept and which ones are to be left behind. There are some things that your children may not want to throw away especially if they are part of their childhood and if it has sentimental value to them. So make sure that you ask them and get them involved. Better yet, allow them to help of have them pack their own belongings.

Now, if there are some things that are not sure whether to bring or not, think about the last time you used it or how frequent you think you will need it. Also check if it is still in good condition because it might be the time for a replacement.

4. Determine the cost of the item

There are times when household items will actually cost more if they are moved so you need to determine if it will help you better to sell it. Also, if you sell it, the money you earn can still be used to buy brand new stuff which will be more suitable to your new home.

The context of the new house is also something you may want to consider because some furniture may not be very appropriate to the interiors of the new house. You may have a couch you have kept for a long time but you may need to let it go already and have it replaced with something that has colors that match your new living room walls.

5. Keep the ones you value

There are things that, no matter how old, are still very precious and valuable to us. Even if they don’t look or work the way it used to before, there is just something inside that makes it really hard to let go. If you have this kind of attachment to some of your personal stuff, it is not bad to be kind to yourself and just keep it. There really are just some things we find difficult to leave behind and that is perfectly okay.