Back to school time is always a time of transition not only for kids, but also for parents. This is a time when kids are excited and parents are anxious if they are prepared enough.

In order to get rid of these thoughts, here are some helpful tips to get your kids ready for back to school time.


1. Spend time reading with your kids before the classes even start

As parents, it will be best if you spend some time reading with your kids during summer or before the class begins because this well prepare them and put them into studying mode.


2. Get them back to their sleep routine

To help your child prepare for school, set up their sleep routine a week or two before officially going back to school. This way, their body clock will already get used to the time they should be getting up in the morning. It will also help you avoid stressing out in the mornings during school week. So make sure that you start this routine early on.


3. Involve your child in shopping for their school supplies

When you go shopping for your child’s supplies and other stuff for school, it will be best if you bring them with you. This way, you can give them the chance to select the things they would like to use in school, and therefore making them more excited to go back to school than frightened or anxious. Let them choose their own bags, lunchbox, notebooks etc. This way, you are also giving them a little sense of responsibility and independence.


4. Have a homework station set up

If your child does not have a homework station yet, it’s time that you pick a spot in your warehouse it is conducive for them to study and do their homework. It should be a place where they can be comfortable and they can concentrate when they need to study. Also make sure that it is accessible for you so that you can always be readily available for your child whenever they need your help.


5. Host back to school party

To increase your child’s excitement and make them look forward to going back to school more, you can celebrate the back to school by hosting a party. You can have them invite some of their classmates and close friends and you can have some giveaways for these kids. It’ll be fun and your child will surely love it.


6. Plan for a rewards system

Kids always love surprises and prizes. They always enjoy when they know they you are up to something or that they have something they can look forward to. To encourage your child to do well in school and study hard, you might want to plan and get them to agree to a rewards system. This is should be a mutual agreement between you and your child. You can set some goals or targets pertaining to their grades and if they hit it, they should be getting something in return. The goals though should be something that is realistic for your child to achieve. Otherwise, they might get frustrated and you might just be setting them up for failure. You must also be ready to bend some rules especially when you can see progress and observe that your child is really trying their best. They deserve to be rewarded for their efforts.


7. Set a schedule for studying and watching TV or playing gadgets

During weekdays when your child has a class, you need to make a clear schedule on when they need to study and when they can watch TV or play with their gadgets. Kids nowadays are so engrossed with game consoles, tablets, and even mobile phones. They need to be disciplined as early as now and you need to establish strict study habits because they can carry these on as they grow older. Allow them to enjoy and play but make sure that they have already finished all their school work. Set their expectations that because school is about to begin, they will no longer be able to enjoy the same number of hours they used to spend for playing games, because they will already have to allot some of their time for studying, which is actually a more important priority.