Keeping the closets in your apartment clean and organized may seem like a difficult task, but use these tips and tricks, and you’ll see it’s quite simple!

1. Figure out what you need a place for.

And remember that you’ll probably need a place for everything. In other words, where will you put dirty laundry? Where will you put your gym shoes? Where will you put your coat and mittens when you get home? Do empty recyclables go in your closet? What about spare toilet paper and paper towels? Make sure you have a place for everything.

2. Keep things off your floor.

If you have a tendency to stuff things into the bottom/floor of your closets (clothes, trash, fabric grocery bags, boxes, exercise equipment, you name it!), change that habit now. Make sure that you’re keeping your closet floors clear of the build-up of stuff because it can become overwhelming pretty fast.

3. If you can put it away in under a minute, do it — instead of stuffing it in the closet.

Here’s a simple rule for you. If you clean it up quickly, just do it! Put that junk mail in the recycling bin. Hang up your coat. Fold your fabric grocery bags. It’s not that hard.

4. Clean from the top, down.

This one’s important: When you clean out your closet, clean from the top down. In other words, don’t start vacuuming out the inside of your closet before removing things from shelves and dusting there. Dust and other debris will naturally fall down, and you don’t want to have to clean the same areas more than once.

5. If you don’t need it and won’t use it, donate or pitch it.

Finally, for goodness’ sake, stop storing things that you won’t ever use! If you think someone else could actually use that winter coat you never wear, donate it. If you’re keeping those uncomfortable shoes because you might wear them someday, just forget it. You don’t need even more clutter in your closet.

Try these tips, and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in the cleanliness and orderliness of your closet!

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