Clarence is one of the most beautiful and amazing places to visit around New York. It is a small town in the state which is very popular for being an antique haven. This is an excellent place for those who have a penchant for collecting historical artifacts, arts, and creative pieces. But Clarence has so much more to offer. There are several places that are highly recommended for tourists to visit.

Clarence is considered to be one of the richest towns in the Buffalo and Niagara Fall area, and one of the nicest places to live in. There are plenty of residential subdivisions, nearby stores, malls and restaurants. If there is any time in a year that’s best to be here, that would be during summer.

And if you are planning to pay a visit, here are some of the things that you can enjoy Clarence in summer time.


1. Bicycling

In Clarence, you can many exciting opportunities especially for those who love the great outdoors. There are many perfect places for those who love bicycling, and one of the most popular is the Clarence Pathways. There are four trails which make up the trail system. There is the one with 3.5 miles, a 4.8 mile trail, a 2.3 mile and 6.1 mile trail which is the longest among the four. This is one of the most famous attractions for the bikers, especially those who own pets. If you have a dog, you can bring them with you when you bike. There are plenty of wide pathways for this activity that you will make your summer surely enjoyable.

2. Art workshops

If you have a creative side, unleash it by joining the art workshops in Clarence. This is especially recommended for kids who are spending their summer in town, and if there is a place where they need to go for the workshops, it would be the Creative Essence. The attendees get to learn a lot of helpful and creative crafts. There are very interesting and exciting projects that are just actually very easy to make. Aside from signing up for a class, you also have the option to book a party and invite friends over for some project making. Even birthday parties can be booked here.

3. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular activities that many people enjoy during the summer, and you can also have a great experience in Clarence too. There are plenty of fishing spots that you can visit here without having to go too far. The nice thing about Clarence is that you can experience nature without feeling completely detached and away from civilization. You can even bring your dogs with you for a walk when you go to the fishing spots. This town is a great city for those who want to enjoy a peaceful, and serene environment. All you can hear is just the sound of the relaxing running waters.

4. Visiting museums

Clarence offers many cool museums that people of all ages can check out and see. Both adults and kids alike can learn a lot from these museums, and it offers a definitely great experience. Another amazing thing about it is that it is not just all about history because you can also find items from the 20th century in their collections.

5. Visiting antique shops

The antique shops in Clarence are one of the most popular destinations for the visitors because it offers a wide selection of antique collections. There are many decorative items that can be found in these antique shops and many of them can still be useful at home. Aside from the collectibles, there are also other items which are perfect for gifts, and there are furniture, jewelry, toys and even clothing that are sold in the flea market outside. There are also some shops that buy and sell silver and gold costume jewelry, glassware, coins and more. The most popular and the largest antique shop is the Antique World and Flea Market, which is not just famous in the town of Clarence but is also renowned in other nearby towns surrounding the area.