There are several places in Clarence, NY that any family will enjoy, as well as nearby Buffalo attractions. This is one of the great reasons why Clarence is such a perfect place to live in. Your weekends with your kids are certainly never going to be boring when you visit the following places.

Here are some of those that you can’t miss.


1. Bounce Magic

Your kids will surely love Bounce Magic because they have the largest selection of inflatable bounce houses. What’s great is that these are all indoors it does not matter whether it rains or shines, your children can still have fun in here. They can spend hours in this place and still be entertained by their horizontal rock wall, ride on animals, arcade games and a whole lot more. When it comes to food, this is also an excellent place to eat whether lunch or dinner. It is just the perfect place for playing and eating that kids and the entire family will love.

2. Clay Hands Pottery

Clay Hands Pottery is excellent for kids who have the artistic and creative side. They can make their own pieces made of clay. The staffs are also very helpful and knowledgeable.

3. Kidswork Playhouse

Kidswork Playhouse is perfect for parents because they are really very flexible for the parents’ needs. They have staff that watches over your kids and children are given activities they surely enjoy.

4. Clarence Town Park

Clarence Town Park may just be a local park in the community because it is a good place for taking a relaxing stroll after a tiring day. It is also a nice place for kids to play around because there are several park equipment. There is also a spot where the family can go fishing, so that’s an added fun activity for an exciting bonding experience. It offers a very relaxing atmosphere in this small town.

5. Brookfield Farms Equestrian

If you are looking for a barn in Clarence, then this place is where you should be. They have a spot that’s great for camping and they offer a special camp for little kids, even for those who are only 4 to 5 years old.

6. Monkey See

Monkey Do Children’s Bookstore. This is another place that should be on your list if you want great places to visit for your kids. Monkey See, Monkey Do can even be a venue for your kids’ birthday celebration. This place encourages children’s imagination, curiosity, and creativity. The staffs are also very kind and helpful. It is nice because it is always best to encourage children even at a young age, and this is just the best place to bring them. Even adults who enter this bookstore find this one really amazing and surprizing.

7. Explore & More Children’s Museum

Explore & More Children’s Museum is another place that sparks children’s imagination and creativity because they offer programs and activities that encourage them to discover these skills. Because of this place, children do not just learn in school, they can actually apply what they learn in the four walls of their classrooms. They play here and at the same time, they learn.

8. Little Gym of Williamsville

The Little Gym of Williamsville is a place for all kids growing up from ages 4 to 12. Their ultimate goal is to be able to help your child’s development and they do this through programs which are filled with music, active movements, learning and so much more. The programs are well organized and are properly structured. These programs progress every week and they are intended to provide children with more opportunities to try new things they have not done before. This, in turn, will build up their self-confidence as they grow. Little Gym of Williamsville also has the goal to provide kids with holistic learning because they want to nurture all aspects of your children through varied programs conducted by their trainers. There are just programs specially designed for different ages. Even parents get to enjoy special events and parties that are prepared for them by The Little Gym of Williamsville, which makes this a perfect place for the entire family.