One-bedroom apartments are great for those living alone, and they can also be ideal for some couples. Still, many single people and couples become rather taken by the idea of adding an extra bedroom or two. In reality, sticking to a one bedroom when that’s all you need is the smart move, and here’s why:

The price is right.

When you don’t need an extra bedroom, it’s fiscally smart not to have one. After all, most of those who simply need one bedroom alone can store all of their necessary possessions in the space of a one-bedroom apartment. A second bedroom would only create a larger space to accumulate things you don’t likely need. Use the money you save with a one-bedroom apartment for something else you’d like to have.

It can make you feel safer.

If your plan is to live alone, the more space you have, the more likely you’ll worry about home invaders and other things that “go bump in the night.” If you don’t need the extra room, save yourself the worry and trouble and stick with a one bedroom.

It’s not a studio.

Finally, whether you’re single or part of a couple in a one bedroom, you can at least be thankful that you’re not living in a studio. Though studios can be useful in some situations, living within three feet of your stove and kitchen garbage probably isn’t your idea of a comfortable living space. The one-bedroom apartments for rent at Waterford Townhomes are the perfect solution.

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